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Rubber-Girl multi orgasming in heavy vacuum-suit

Rubbergirl felt so nerves knowing she is going in a real heavy protecting suit. This suit is modified whit a vacuum pump. The suit is completely air tied. When the pump is started it sucks all the air out and makes the suit pressing to her body. The pressure gets so extreme that she even feels it pressing to her pussy. When her two masters sit on her and rubbing her body she almost orgasms already. But whit the vibrator on her wet cunt the orgasms keep coming. This a unique video. There is no acting. This is the real thing. See how she is enjoying her helpless position. 


extreme rubber bondage

An other Top movie out of our rubbergirl-series
When you think it can't be more extreme what this girl is undergoing. 
She is now in an inflatable sack inside a vacuumbed. The pressure on het body is enormous. 
The preparations for this extreme rubber bondage scene were not so simple this time. It was a hard struggle to get her inside the vacumbed. But her master made it possible. Ones inside there is a ballhood getting over her head and e-stim is added to make it even more interesting.  After she is fully inflated and the vacuum starts, the pressure on het total body hits her real hard. This clip has never been shown on the internet. A dream for the real rubberist. See her having a couple of massif orgasms in her prison made out of heavy rubber.


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Rubber-Girl multi orgasming in heavy vacuum-suit

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