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The heavy rubber sessions Part 2 HD Top Video

Mrs Kim is punishing a slave with longtime heavy rubber bondage. He is strapped to the chair in a 2MM extreme punishment suit for many hours. After that he is inflated in an bondage suit and ending the session by locking him up in de box of terror. In the meantime Mistress Kim is having fun with a vibrator to pleasure herself.  A great video with lots of bondage scenes and the most sensual rubber mistress in the world.

Rubber Bondage Party With Mistress Kim HD Top movie

I played a long day with this horny rubber slave and finally I broke him. I hang him up I inflated him, I tortured him with E-stim and clamps on his sorry nipples. I controlled his breathing and bound him up in so many different ways. By the end of the day I was so fucking horny myself that I needed a relief. Not much longer after my pleasure I made him spray his juices in his tight catsuit. I think this rubber slave wil behave the coming weeks. and after that I start all over again and make him suffer even more and longer. 

Mrs Kim using Rubbers-Finest mask on her rubberslut

Rubbers-Finest is the best manufacturer of heavy rubber masks in the world. Mrs Kim had the change last year to visit there factory in Germany. The owners are real nice people that must have a hart of rubber. In this Video Kim is testing a beautiful mask from there collection on her new rubber-slave. After she fits him with the mask the real torture begins. She is testing this slave to its limits and enjoys to see him suffering. The result of this rubber session is a great video that feels so real. You can feel the slaves pain and fear.

Mrs Kim is testing new gear on her rubber slave HD Top Video

Mrs Kim find a new nice slaveboy to tease and torture. The boy was not new to rubber bondage but never experienced torture in heavy rubber. But completely bound and inflated in the extra thick rubber bodybag, his torture almost feels like heaven.See this short video with all elements of rubber fetish. Mrs Kim at her best....

The heavy rubber sessions Part 1 HD Top Video

This video is the result of real heavy rubber sessions of Mrs Kim and her rubber-slaves. Real hard rubber torture. Lots of different rubber outfits and masks. Bondage in ruber bodybags, multi layering for complete isolation from the outside world. This material is brand-new and never shown before.


Mistress Kim is specialized in extreme rubber bondage. Her slaves do anything to get a change to be treated by her. She loves to immobilize her slaves with rubber inflatable bodybags, straitjackets and special bondage furniture. Mask there faces and control there breathing. Use many layers of rubber on there body. She makes them feel her own body but they can't touch her. She makes them completely crazy, torture there nipples and leave them bound for hours. Than bring them close to an orgasm but never to close. Only she decides when it is enough and if they deserve to have an overloading orgasm. After that Mrs Kim changes from a cruel mistress to a caring loving sweet and warm woman. She hugs her exhausted slave and brings them slowly back on earth.


Mrs Kim brings her RubberGirl into Subspace. HD Top Movie *****

This video I shot yesterday and was the most erotic I ever made. It felt so good to me. This is what bdsm is all about. More real then this it can't get. She loved it from the moment I touched her. I dressed her in rubber and put a mask on this lovely slavegirl what made even more sweet. I made no plans at all for her and wanted it just to happen and it did. I tortured her nipples with love. Her pussy became wet like a river. I toke her breath away with a rubber transparent sheet and bound her in a bodybag. I added  e-stim plugs in her pussy and her behind. The e-stim unit automatically run up from 40 to 90 %. I forced her to come more then 3 times. I left her in the bodybag for the night and fall asleep next to her.